I ✍ write Software for the Web 📟

Hi 👋🏼 I'm Prav. I live in Toronto, Canada. I spent the last 6 years building Big Corporate Web and Mobile Products. I also love making cool side projects and internal tools in my free time.

Languages 🎭

I worked with TypeScript, JavaScript, and Java the most in my career. Recently, I started learning C++ to build a multiplayer web game. I've also frequently used Python here and there to automate stuff.


My Evolution 🌱

I love making things. Ever since I was a child I was fond of making weird DIY stuff. I went to an Architecture school where I built 3D models, learnt how to code, and made Web-Games with Flash. In my first job, I learnt how to make websites with JavaScript, AngularJS, and NodeJS. Anyway, I went on to create super-complex apps on the web using all sorts of technologies for 6 years.

But I really enjoy working on personal projects. Here are some of my personal projects -

A Web-Game with my own Physics (W.I.P. 🚧)

I'm currently working on a multiplayer Web-Game with a procedurally generated world using C++, TypeScript, ThreeJS, WebRTC.. Plan is to make it run superfast on the browser by leveraging the power of modern web technologies.

Into the Void

This is pandemic time project. I tried building a 3D game while learning how to model in Blender and how to use ThreeJS. You can check the code out but Spaghetti-Code 🍝 warning has been issued.


I made this a long time ago - an App with a complicated backend. Made this one while I was learning GraphQL. I used Spotify endpoints to make an aggregated backend that serves data via GraphQL.